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So this is my first entry ever on this blog, which is gonna be about Haikyuu!! review which is currently my favorite anime so it’s totally deserving. Unfortunately I’m starting at episode 16 which means we’re left behind by 16 weeks and whoever reads this and never heard of Haikyuu!! before will get so so confused. So maybe you’d like to read the Wikipedia first. But tl;dr this is sports anime. Volleyball, to be precise. If I were to introduce it from the beginning it would be a long entry and by the time I finish, episode 17 will be out so I’ll let you educate yourself first. Done? Okay, continue.

Episode 16. This is the continuation of Karasuno vs Tokonami, whose one member was middle school friends with Karasuno’s captain, Sawamura. And then we have the coach and member from Aoba Jousai commenting on how Karasuno has improved despite lacking some things, like doing receive to which everyone and their moms stated that you can’t improve receive overnight. But coach-san, it’s been 16 weeks. I want to comment on how Oikawa sits in the back and being attractive without even trying but Aoba Jousai isn’t the highlight of the episode so let’s forget what I just said.


Then we have the opening that lasts 1:69, enough time to get you some drink and munchies. Let’s get back to our main play! A flashback. Seriously though, what’s sports anime without flashbacks? We’re now having one of Ikejiri from reminiscing his middle school day with captain Sawamura, who was also a captain in middle school and is probably gonna be captain in college and next lives too. Ikejiri narrates how just having spirit doesn’t instantly mean your team will be stronger. They lost and Sawamura got upset, which is for good thing because it fueled himself to be a capable captain as he is now and Ikejiri to throw himself off the court to save the ball.


Tokonami lost the first set and during timeout Ikejiri boosted the team’s morale by quoting Sawamura’s words. Hey you should pay for a royalty. Then we get to see an eye-candy aka Kageyama, the second most important character in the series, does his powerful jump ace service. When Tokonami manages to steal one point due to Karasuno’s error, the entire team seems to be so pleased awww.


We switch to the girls team of Karasuno that’s in pinch but their strong-willed captain keeps reminding everyone to keep trying. The rest of the match keeps going in Tokonami’s point of view and Karasuno girls team’s. Sort of amazing, in my opinion as the narration is being told from the view of point of the one who’s at disadvantage. When Tokonami manages to steal one point, Karasuno’s libero Nishinoya, shortened as Noya and everyone should follow his example so it’s easier to type, gets angry for not being able to save the ball, which surprisingly boosts Tokonami’s morale even more for not being underestimated by “the winning side”. Unfortunately, the match has to end by Sawamura scoring a point against Ikejiri. Oh the irony.


The entire episode can’t stay in Tokonami’s viewpoint right? So we’re going back to our hero team. And we have our cutest and most precious hero, Hinata (I can’t believe it took me 5 paragraphs to introduce the protagonist) is in unbelieving state of winning an official match. We all don’t forget how he tasted the defeat in first episode, do we? Hinata is overflowing with happiness and so I am and apparently it’s so contagious that Kageyama can’t comprehend. What.


After a full screen of Oikawa’s full face because hey he’s a captain and the pretty guy, we’re to see a very touching narration. How Karasuno girls team’s captain cries behind her teammates and Ikejiri’s empty thoughts after losing. “I should’ve trained harder, I would’ve been a better captain. If only I could’ve been a fiercer receiver. If only I had gone one step further. Maybe then I could’ve played more volleyball.” All with the sad background music. Ikejiri decides to bring the sadness to the peak by running to Sawamura and told the entire Karasuno team they gotta win for his own sake too.


And apparently he’s not done yet! His entire narration is priceless though “If all this were a work of fiction, the guys who go to nationals would be the protagonists, and the rest of us would just be extras.” You are like entirely correct. The line amuses me so much and if it’s not the fact that they show the losing teams I would laugh it off. Enough with the sads! It’s sports anime so the sads should only last for a while okay! /wipes off ugly track of tears/ So after the match apparently Hinata gains some popularity and unknown people praise him so he becomes a precious and smuggy Hinata.


So not only Hinata’s good at playing volleyball, he’s also the only with capability of telling Kageyama his honest thought aka his scary smiling face. I just love this duo. Their next match on the same day is against Date Kogyo and apparently it’s the team that put their ace, Azumane into an emotional phase he had to be saved. Another best thing about this episode is the scene where Noya shows off his “Rolling Thunder Again” technique. Why. But after making his entire teammate laugh from making up such a ridiculous name, he recites that “All of you keep your eyes forward. Because you have me guarding your backs.” and he charms everyone in the stadium except their beautiful manager Shimizu. Seriously this scene is good. Noya is good. Haikyuu!! is good.


Karasuno and Dateko start the match! … and end the episode. Seriously woah after reviewing my first entry ever I’m thinking “Am I really going to do this three times a week?” because I’m currently following three titles and this lengthy review is only for a 20-min show. I just hope people enjoy this review as much as I enjoyed writing it. Also in case you want to know what I’m going to review next, you can find it in the sidebar!

See you in next review!

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