Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun 3


I started watching Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun because the main cast is Yuichi Nakamura, one of my most favorite voice actors and boy I’m so glad I followed my basic instinct because 3 episodes in, this series never failed to give me a life.

We’re taking off from last week, Chiyo is still in the hunt for models for Nozaki‘s manga. Chiyo asks a recommendation from Mikoshiba Mikoto or Mikorin (though I’d say let’s just call him Miko2 instead) only to be stunned by Mikorin’s answer that he’s gonna introduce her “Prince of The School”. Because Mikorin is the model for the heroine, Mamiko, Chiyo feels devastated since Mamiko already has Suzuki. Chiyo runs off and bumps into Nozaki, straight off telling him “He (Mikorin) already has a boyfriend but he’s getting friendly with another boy!” Okay. Mikorin brushes off all the accusations and continues confusing us by revealing that the “prince” is a female student, Kashima Yu. Don’t ask.


Yu is a member of drama club and apparently she has the nickname because she’s capable of saying “princely” pickup lines. Mikorin explains that they were rivals at first but apparently Yu is better than him at everything so they just became friends because let’s just stop questioning this series okay everything is possible. Apparently Yu has this charm that even Chiyo gets nervous when she’s getting close but Chiyo remembers she only has eyes for Nozaki. So being around Nozaki and Yu is bad for her heart so she steps beside Mikorin instead and tells him “I feel so calm beside you”. inb4 people call me for being uninformed watcher, yes I don’t read the manga but yes I’d like for Chiyo, Nozaki and Mikorin to have love triangle thee-hee. Okay let’s forget about my headcanon, Yu asks how the three of them became acquaintances and when Chiyo and Mikorin don’t know how to answer, we have Nozaki to the rescue.


Then we get to discover that drama club’s president escorts Yu because she often skips classes. Turns out the drama club president… hits Yu. How can you hit a girl!? He resorts to violence and presented in comical way. And then we get to the scene in Nozaki’s apartment and Chiyo concludes that Nozaki has another assistant in charge of background who comes at late night. At first Chiyo thinks it’s a girl because the mark for the background is of cute marks only to change her mind later when she sees briefs mark. Nozaki doesn’t help by saying the information is disclosed so Chiyo continues to be insecure till next morning. So she asks her friend Seo Yuzuki about her preference of drawing mark but Yuzuki only spices up Chiyo’s sadness by saying she’d choose briefs.


Yu comes to Chiyo’s class to ask for a favor to help doing set at the art club because her fangirls apparently generated more work than actually helping. I don’t know if Yu is dumb or dumb because she brought it upon herself. The violent drama club president Hori Masayuki used to be in the play for the club but decided he likes doing set better. But Yu explains that’s because Masayuki lacks height and she and Chiyo continue provoking Masayuki. Then Masayuki tells Chiyo to paint based on the mark and oh oh he draws mark exactly like the ones Chiyo saw on Nozaki’s manga. Just when Chiyo wants to ask, Masayuki gets summoned by other members to take care of Yu. Really though this series is nothing but a showcase of Chiyo’s misery. So she somehow manages to keep a hold of Yu.


Chiyo isn’t giving up to ask Masayuki about the mark so she just bluntly asks “Do you prefer briefs?” CHIYO-CHAN. This terrorizes Yu but surprisingly (maybe we all should stop being surprised at this series) they just… bond over underwear. I’m not even sure if Chiyo’s question comes across. But who cares it’s just a girl and a boy talking about underwear no big deal. Yu concludes that Masayuki likes to talk about dirty jokes but when she tells him one Masayuki ends up kicking him. At Nozaki’s apartment, Chiyo finds out that Masayuki writes him a message on manuscript, thanking her for her help. Chiyo replies and Nozaki decides that he’s done with both of them.


Next sequence. Chiyo comes to Nozaki’s apartment to find him writing a script for Masayuki’s play and in exchange Masayuki helps him doing backgrounds. What you mean Masayuki isn’t getting paid to do assistant job?? Coughs anyway. The next day, Yu asks Chiyo what has been going on between Nozaki and Masayuki because they look close and Chiyo just really has to reply that Nozaki’s repaying Masayuki with his body. Seriously. Instead of asking for clarification, Yu ends up being in her train of thoughts that she might lose Masayuki to Nozaki.


Chiyo asks Yu what she’s looking for in Masayuki and when Yu replies “it’s the wedding” it’s only that she wants to play at his wedding. Masayuki rejects the idea of inviting or telling her when he has girlfriend because Yu might steal her away, to which Chiyo ironically agrees. Somehow Chiyo and Masayuki end up helping Nozaki to reenact the play he’s been writing. Mikorin, who at first is at misunderstanding gets dragged in the play. Poor Mikorin. Poor poor Mikorin. Anyway, Nozaki seems to get an idea out of it so he begins writing and holyshit it makes him look so cool ha-ha. Nozaki ends up being able to complete a play while Mikorin and Masayuki struggle with “good morning”.


In the end, we get our happy ending! Masayuki admits that Yu is better looking than Mikorin. How did it get to this comparison, I don’t even understand. But when Nozaki asks Masayuki whether he wants to go back to the stage, he simply replies that he’d rather watch Yuu from offstage. Awww. Aaaaaaaawwww.


Next episode’s preview is mad though. Nozaki and bunny ears. And the hands. And. Anyway! This series has entertained me so much for the past 3 weeks but I kind of wish they’d show off the progress of Chiyo and Nozaki. This series took off from there but after that nothing really happened. Gahh maybe I should catch up with the manga.

See you in next review!

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