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Free! series makes me bite into my fist and yet I can’t stop watching. So here goes the 4th episode of Free! Eternal SufferSummer. I have love and hate relationship with Free! especially the season 1 because I wasn’t fond of how it ended (or the whole ordeal, basically) but I couldn’t not watch it for Makoto Tachibana. I’m so grateful they had Mikoshiba Momotarou in season 2 because the second he’s in the screen he makes my day. Before anyone thinks I dislike them, I don’t. This series gets the sarcasm out of me the best.

Episode starts with the kids that turn out to be Rin and Sousuke, the fandom’s currently steamingly hot pair, they fought for an ice cream with rock-paper-scissors and Rin won (remember how Rin also won when they fought for bottom bunk bed?). Apparently they made promise to do butterfly race next time and the loser has to do anything the winner wants (kids, don’t ever make this kind of promise because it would make you a melancholy adult). Then, opening. Oh, in case anyone hasn’t known that the opening is sung by OLDCODEX, whose vocalist is the voice actor of Makoto :-) you’re welcome.


It’s only been 2:40 into the episode and Momoshiba (aka Mikoshiba Momotarou but I decided to call him that because it’s cute and he’s my favorite and he’s voiced by my most favorite voice actor Suzumura Kenichi) already made this episode. Just when Rin and Nitori Aiichiro are awed by his swimming speed, he bumped his head into the side of the pool because he’s doing the backstroke. Oh boy. Whereas Sousuke and Rin doubt Ai because with his current skill he won’t be able to participate in relay.


Meanwhile at Iwatobi High School where our main characters (though it’s highly debatable, if you ask me, because everyone gotta see the spotlight that Rin and Sousuke have stolen in this season. Haru who?) are at, the swim club’s manager aka Rin’s still ignored younger sister Matsuoka Gou, is doing a lunchbox check because she said athletes need balanced diet. The moment Haru says, “My diet is balanced” I breathe, “must be mackarels”. Gou gives Haru 43 points and me 100 points. Next, Makoto and Rei fail to impress Gou and Nagisa gets 0 points for his ridiculous Iwatobi bread (why was it invented in the first place anyway). Gou claims she does all this because relay team means four for one so they can’t just act selfishly. So everyone agrees that Gou should make them the 100 points lunchbox.


Samezuka‘s swim club members are shopping for new swimming suit and we get to see that I picked a great favorite; a scene where Momoshiba tries to impress Gou (who’s accidentally there, seriously, the town only has one shopping place?) with his theatrical introduction but apparently continues to turn her off by talking about… bugs. Help me I really like this boy. After another flashy showdown of Momoshiba, we’re back to Rin and Sousuke. Sousuke bought a soda from vending machine and Rin kinds of want one too but it’s already sold out so they have another rock-paper-scissors fight and… Rin never loses, doesn’t he. They reminisces that one time they had butterfly race and Rin lost. But before Sousuke made a request as a winner, Rin left for Australia. So they agreed to talk about this the next time they meet. Guys, I’m getting anxious here.


At first Sousuke wants to trade bunks but Rin brushes it off saying it’s too light of a request for a 5-year waiting. Rin, stop igniting the fire, I have bad feeling about this. Sousuke says he needs more time and strays from it by asking why Rin stopped writing to him. Rin answered he stumbled and even thought of quitting swimming but then he remembered Haru (and friends) and claimed to be saved. So complicated, their relationship. Rin says that he’s now swimming for his friends who saved him and for the sake of his own dreams, he’s saying that with a set of sparkly eyes and my heart drops.


Gou fulfills her promise by bringing the swim club members lunchbox. Lunch is perfect until they begin to notice something why would Gou shop for ingredients at a sports store. Apparently she filled the riceballs with protein powder. During practice, they talk about how Rin and Sousuke were no good in swimming relay together, due to their arguments even though Rin claims that Sousuke understands him better than anyone. After Rei comes up with protein calculations, their coach Sasabe Goro delivers a pizza, dulls out everyone’s attempt to stay on diet. Gou also comes up with a perfect training menu. Rei apologizes for always thinking that Gou is only ~muscles maniac~ only to be unconsciously proven right.


Rin and Sousuke go on morning jog (this series should be titled Free! Rin’s Summer). They find out Ai practices in the pool at this hour and Rin says he might make it onto relay and Sousuke counters by saying that Rin should get over the whole friends and relay stuff if he wants to pursue his dream. Rin argues that his friends are important because he made it this far because of them and he could show him he could have both. Feeling left out, Sousuke asks Rin to count him in as one of those friends even though he used to say that when you swim you’re in the water alone and he can only swim for himself.


Sousuke continues saying he might understand if he swims relays with Rin too and he even brings up the promise he won from Rin. To win the spot in relay, Sousuke has to win butterfly from Rin because Rin holds both the records for butterfly and free. So they decide to have a showdown. Can we talk about how they’re having the race at midnight and with a nice clubbing BGM. Sousuke won the race and Rin is happy because he finally swims with his heart and strength.


Next morning, Rin as the captain announces that he wants the relay members to be those who have the speed and will to enter the relay because it means a lot to him of course of course let’s not forget about the extent he did in season 1 for relay thee-heh.


Episode ends with Rin saying he’s ready for the relay and let me write down my foreseeing the future; Rin, Sousuke, Ai and Momoshiba will be in one relay team against Iwatobi. Meanwhile I don’t really get the next week’s preview because it’s drown by Nagisa’s fierce theory about eating Iwatobi bread (can this bread stop). Also, Sousuke still hasn’t used up his promise, so my worry continues on?

See you in next review!

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