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So I’m coming back with another Haikyuu!! review despite owing a Free! and Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun reviews from the same week. Apologize, because I was going on holiday and by the time I came back episodes were collecting dust already. So here goes to the volleyball anime we resume, Haikyuu!! 18.

We’re continuing off from last week’s match against Dateko. While Karasuno is ahead in term of points, our heroes still have to conquer the Iron Wall blockers. But hey we resolve our ace Azumane‘s haunting fear of being blocked that he scores points and eventually wins the first set. If you think you had enough of Aoba Jousai last week, they’re still here, giving comments. Can we talk about how Hinata spaces out when coach Ukai is giving a brief about formation.


Azumane ensures the others he’ll do his part as an ace and try his best to help the team, everyone gets woed, Azumane goes “What are you, my relatives?” They keep scoring against each other and are making it a tight match. Aone still blocks very well and Hinata spikes the quick strike very well that when it’s not Aone it’s hard to block. Eventually Dateko calls for a timeout because a couple of times they get deceived by Hinata being a decoy. Aoba Jousai’s side gives off comments again they might as well start their own review blog. Azumane seems to have recovered from his fear and becomes a dependable ace, even though he still gets blocked. It’s another testament on Azumane’s mental strength.


I have to be honest that I sing when Take-chan says Karasuno has a wall too and the combination of Tsukishima and Azumane get to block (I didn’t sound biased did I). Karasuno still has more advantage and is always ahead but the points gap doesn’t widen that much. By a mistake, Karasuno gets a match point. Hinata also then makes an error in serve lol. But then everyone goes “As long as Asahi is there… as long as the ace is there, it’ll be okay.”


The next’s turnaround is very heart staggering, Dateko manages to block and Noya manages to save it gracefully (a reminder to everyone that Noya is a great player). Kageyama tosses to Azumane, has tight fight with Aone and loses, Noya gets petrified but kicks the ball to save it (Noya!!!!), gives Azumane another chance to prove himself. Even angel Sugawara reminds Kageyama that they still gotta give the ace another chance. Everyone cheers for Azumane and I’m like yoo you can’t let us down!!


He’s still unable to penetrate the Iron Wall completely and gets the ball roll on the thin net (lol it’s ridiculous it’s too climatic!) and poor #6 from Dateko looks horrified. KARASUNO WINS! Though it left me completely uneasy because Azumane sort of hasn’t conquered the Iron Wall? But who cares they win!


Can we talk about how Hinata and Aone handshake afterwards because it’s so cute? Azumane tells the team “I’m the ace, but you’re the heroes.” Awww. Dateko gets fired up and pledges they’ll have their revenge in Spring match (guys let the Interhigh end first okay). Dateko’s captain Moniwa then replies that the third years only play until Interhigh and that Dateko is able to maintain the Iron Wall reputation thanks to first and second years. Third years are over by Spring tournament. Please don’t say that I have soft spot for third years aaaa.


Coach Ukai convinces Take-chan that Azumane is fine now because his confidence got boosted when he was being the last resort. Finally. Ukai also pinpoints how “Azumane got two setters’ trust on him.” That’s right. Apparently Sugawara also thought of signals for Hinata-Kageyama combination to use. Sugawara also says to Sawamura, “I wish my tosses could’ve played a part in victory.” Aaaaaaa even our flawless character’s got insecurity, don’t worry sweetheart I’m sure you’ll have your turn soon!


I was about to get all warm from Sawamura’s reply that is “I’m glad that you still want to fight.” but then the source of my frustration and questionnable irritation also known as Oikawa Tooru appears.


I’m going to have hard time going through the last… uhh 6 episodes? Please bear with me and hold my hands. Anyway, see you in next review!

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