Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun 5


Sometimes it’s hard to review Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun because the series itself is already funny that I couldn’t make any jokes out of it. But here you go.

You might feel a bit lost in space because I didn’t review episode 4 but it’s okay you can just watch and be funny yourself because everyone’s better than me at it. Okay! Episode 5 starts with Sakura Chiyo coming in to find Nozaki’s place cleaned up but then he starts panicking to clean some more. Sakura then remembers a scene from Nozaki’s manga where Suzuki acts the same way as Nozaki when his girlfriend comes over. When finding out it’s the editor that’s coming over, Sakura suspects it’s an older and mature female editor.


Only to find out it’s a male editor, Miyamae Ken. From the brief visit (he’s in the place for like what 5 seconds) and Nozaki’s explanation about how Ken-san messages him, Sakura concludes that his editor might not like Nozaki at all lol. Nozaki reasons because he appreciates people who work fast, because slow people can be troublesome. Apparently one of Nozaki’s former editors took longer than a year to review storyboard. Nozaki also explains his previous editor was also troublesome. Also, the name of his previous editor is Maeno Mitsuya (Maeno = in Japanese can literally translate as “before” / “previously” lolol say goodbye to your sense of humor).


The way Maeno-san speaks gets on Nozaki’s nerves and he says that he couldn’t love anything they came up with so Sakura thinks “Nozaki-kun try growing up a little.” He’s the guy you’re in love with!! Ahem. That’s not the end of it. Every time Maeno comes up with something and says “That’s my idea, isn’t it?” Nozaki ends up ditching the ideas altogether and it’s presented in such a funny way. Nozaki didn’t have it worst though, so he shows Sakura another girls manga that strangely has tanuki (Japanese raccoon dog) in every panel possible simply because Maeno likes tanuki.


Days later, Sakura shows Nozaki another classic mystery manga by Miyako Yukari (the tanuki author which I forgot to name because damn tanuki) and both presume the tanuki couldn’t be there even though they’re proven wrong because tanuki is the victim. When they just get excited reading the story and figuring out the murderer, they read a small line says “Next chapter, it’s revealed to be Yamamoto-san (the murderer)!!” and Nozaki throws the book. It’s apparently Maeno’s doing.


Later, an older woman calls Nozaki and thanks him for the things she borrowed. Only when Chiyo starts to suspect again, it’s revealed that the woman borrowed a black ink. The woman’s name is actually Miyako Yukari and it’s no coincidence that she shares name with the tanuki author because she’s actually the tanuki author. When Sakura wants to compliment her work she sweats because tanuki is the only thing she could recall from her work. They start to talk about Maeno only to conclude that Maeno comes over to talk useless things that have no relation with manga whatsoever or that he set up an editor’s blog that’s like his own personal blog.


The actual Maeno in flesh comes over and gets on Nozaki’s nerve in 0.2 seconds. When Maeno hands over amusement park photos that Nozaki once requested, before Nozaki could show his gratitude he finds out the photos are just of Maeno’s face and the backgrounds are hard to see. Maeno actually comes to pick up something he forgot and that thing he forgot is… the manuscript. Seriously what does he do!? That also explains why Nozaki’s super happy with Ken-san.


Next scene, Ken-san calls Nozaki to discuss about manuscript. Sometimes Nozaki takes everything so realistically I’m wondering how Ken-san deals with him. And after being stuck about how to deliver the love feelings he comments “Those two think only about love, and don’t study at all.” So Nozaki ends up going to spend a day as Mamiko, the heroine of his manga. He makes cute gestures but still with that straight face of his. Nozaki makes lunchboxes for everyone to eat, observing everyone’s reactions and somehow Nozaki keeps telling himself he’s Mamiko.


Nozaki then stumbles upon a group of girls surrounding Kashima Yu and thinks about what should he do with rivals. He ends up carting Kashima around and until the moment I type this I don’t know why. After outwitting the rest of the girls, Nozaki doesn’t feel any sense of accomplishment because Kashima isn’t Suzuki (obviously). So actually Nozaki carted Kashima around because he didn’t want to hurt his arms from carrying her around. Then Hori-senpai goes to prove that even he could hold her up. Aaaaawwww. Not really fond of this couple because of the violence but this is cute.


Nozaki is actually happy from Sakura’s overjoyed feelings from the lunchbox but even though the background is lovey-dovey, Nozaki still has that straight face on. After that he tells Ken-san about Mamiko’s feelings and when asked about where do they go from here, Nozaki feels that despite all his observations about being in love (checking out horroscopes etc) he decides he should just study more. Okay.


After the ending song, we get to see how Mamiko’s having problems with her grades slipping but then she finds a workbook to improve grades. And apparently her love level is improving as well because Suzuki thinks smart girls are amazing. So that’s what Nozaki’s solution. Good job.


So excited for next week’s episode. Been able to stick with this series this far but I don’t know if it does any good to my non-existent sense of humor. Also, I know I pinpointed about consistency in using first names last names but when I stuck with the consistency, some characters screw it up and I’m afraid I’ll screw up the fandoms’ familiarity too. So starting from now I’ll just… call everyone with how they’re usually called. See you in next review!

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