Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun 6


This week’s Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun 6 introduces another new character (which is probably the last one?) and I’m highly entertained by him because he’s such a cutie. Yep you wanna know so please continue reading lol.

Sakura brings Nozaki a flash drive that has a soothing opera song and when Nozaki comments how magical the voice is, Sakura remarks that it’s expected of the glee club’s Lorelei, who’s also Sakura’s friend Seo Yuzuki. Apparently Nozaki still has bad recollection with her so he’s still always irritated by her and refusing to admit that such a reckless girl has such angelic voice. Yuzuki is also the assistant of basketball’s club and very violent when playing, being feared by other players because she keeps hitting them with ball. One day Nozaki visits the gym and sees a junior he knows, Wakamatsu (cuuutttee) gets hit by Yuzuki’s ball.


Nozaki apparently used to play basketball in junior high, even a starter on the basketball club (what) but since he started drawing manga he stopped playing because he’s afraid to injure his hands. Wakamatsu complains how Nozaki was cooler that time but Nozaki retorts that now he feels cool because he could draw beta flash lol. Wakamatsu then continues to vent about Yuzuki omg someone stop her. Wakamatsu suffers from insomnia from the stress Yuzuki’s causing to the boys basketball team. Nozaki invites Wakamatsu over to his place but not for listening to his distress but to ask him for help in doing some erasing.


Wakamatsu does it anyway (because he’s a cute) and Nozaki accidentally plays Yuzuki’s singing. Surprisingly, Wakamatsu who actually suffers from insomnia falls asleep the second her singing plays. He actually sleeps the whole night and in the morning he asks Nozaki for the song. At first Nozaki hesitates because it’s impossible to tell the truth that it’s Yuzuki who sings but once Wakamatsu says he’ll help with his manga, Nozaki instantly gives in. Another night, Sakura’s helping Nozaki and they’re talking about new characters that appear in the new chapter. It’s about a girl who resents her schoolmate but seeks comfort in unknown person on the phone but turns out they’re the same person. Nozaki got the inspiration from the case of Yuzuki (being the guy) and Wakamatsu (being the girl) but doesn’t tell Sakura. When Sakura says how the girl character will do when she finds out.


Next day in the school Wakamatsu tells Nozaki how the recording of Lorelei’s singing is able to make him drift to sleep so easily, much to Nozaki’s dismay. Sakura cheers. In the gym, Nozaki witnesses the scene of Wakamatsu being violently crushed by Yuzuki, thinks that she’s both the cure and the cause of Wakamatsu’s distress. Ah… youth. Wakamatsu cries and Nozaki advises him to get mad at her. Wakamatsu suggests what if he just glares at her (ahh so cute). He then follows up that just glaring is rude so why not greet her as well. He also admits that recently whenever he sees her, he flies right at her and Nozaki concludes that, “That just looks like you’re attached to her.”


Wakamatsu decides he’d like to study from Nozaki’s manga. He reads a scene where a girl throws gloves to another girl as a sign of duel and declares he understands. Nozaki panics. Next morning, Yuzuki… gets a love letter. It says to come to rooftop after school. Wakamatsu says because he doesn’t know how to write a challenge letter, he took example from manga (seriously this cutie). On the rooftop, Yuzuki assumes that Wakamatsu wants her to call him by nickname. This frustrates Wakamatsu and he shakes her shoulders, venting out all the feelings. Yuzuki doesn’t listen and starts calling him by nickname. Wakamatsu continues screaming why is it always him she comes after and proceeds to ask why she took him to family restaurant, paid for his dinner and even bought him gift omg lol.


Since Yuzuki’s so thick headed she still doesn’t get Wakamatsu’s stress, Wakamatsu resorts to “comparing her to other girls”, according to Nozaki’s manga. But he’s comparing Yuzuki to the glee club’s Lorelei lol and Nozaki drowns his head in his hands. Wakamatsu announces that Lorelei is his goddess, making Yuzuki happy and ask him to repeat the declaration. Wakamatsu’s about to use his last weapon, that’s the throwing gloves thing. But instead of throwing them at her, he just gives to her politely omg. Nozaki comforts Wakamatsu, concluding that at least now she knows Wakamatsu had complaints about her. He’s wrong because the next day Yuzuki’s self conclusion is Wakamatsu’s actually too shy to just give her a gift, hence the fake fight declaration. Sakura tells her to treasure the gloves but.


Second segment, Sakura receives an SOS text from Nozaki, who’s sick with flu. She dashes to his place immediately. But somehow she brings him an ink as get-well gift… apparently not long after her arrival, Hori and Wakamatsu arrive as well, both also bringing ink lol. Nozaki asks his assistants a favor because tomorrow’s his deadline; to sleep in his place. Not only that’s ridiculous but Wakamatsu refuses by saying he has insomnia so he couldn’t help (he’s so cute I want to keep him).


Nozaki insists on getting up and continuing his work but since he’s all wobbly, Sakura tells him to sleep. Nozaki combats that since he’s pro his body would work automatically… to result a wobbly sketch. So all 3 is replacing Nozaki to do his work as well as doing their usual assistant jobs. But today’s task is to apply screentones, which is neither Sakura’s nor Hori’s forte. Since Wakamatsu’s only starting, Sakura and Hori have to guide him but feel restless having to admit they had never do screentones before. Wakamatsu makes tea, Sakura tries hard and Hori ends up cutting the paper as well. So Wakamatsu tries helping with the screentones and apparently he’s very good at it, putting both Sakura and Hori to shame.


They’re done with basic screentones and all that’s left is effect screentones and dialogue lines. Hori tries to ask Nozaki but only gets a heartfelt explanation about how the characters feel. Hori decides they should just do it themselves, by using girls around them as models. Sakura and Wakamatsu think of Yuzuki but all they could think about is improper dialogue since it comes from Yuzuki.


When it comes to choosing screentones for the male character, Hori thinks of pretty guy and he thinks about Kashima Yuu (a girl with prince aura, I know right). Hori ends up with sparkly tones everywhere and when Sakura asks why Hori replies that Kashima shines everywhere. Somehow they’re done. When Sakura brings porridge to Nozaki’s room, Nozaki mutters a name in his sleep, “Chiyo… Chi… Chi-” Sakura blushes, “… Chiyoko… Sayuri… Midori? N-Natsumi?”. Next day, Nozaki inspects the manuscript done by the assitants and gets shocked by how highly misplaced and unfitting all the tones are.


A small scene after the ending song is how Nozaki keeps giving Wakamatsu with Lorelei’s new songs and when asked how Nozaki obtained it, Nozaki admits it’s by sacrificing his pride, acknowledging that Yuzuki sings very well to Sakura.

I really enjoyed this episode! Yuzuki used to irritate me but maybe thanks to Wakamatsu, she’s growing to me lol. And yeah Wakamatsu is the cutest little puppy sobs, alongside Mikorin. Next episode has a lot of Mikorin so I’m really looking forward to it! See you in next review!

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