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If anyone felt that Haikyuu!! 20 has ugly weird animation quality; it’s not just you. I don’t know what happened with the quality control in this episode but this makes me sad because one thing I loved about Haikyuu!! is the consistent high quality graphic. But well that doesn’t stop me from writing review, though it’s making it harder.

Episode starts with a monologue of Kageyama about Oikawa (they don’t know when to stop in this arc, do they). Kageyama’s determination to not lose to Oikawa would make you feel it’s a dead-or-alive situation but hey it’s sports anime… until Hinata smashes him back to reality that he’s back in the back line so he wouldn’t be able to go head-to-head with Oikawa lol.


Kageyama does serve but triggered by his burning passion of vengeful desire that makes a thousand suns pale in comparison, he puts too much power and makes it home run instead. It’s Oikawa’s turn to serve but Nishinoya is able to save it because he’s amazing. At one point Kageyama is able to do feint, copied from Nekoma‘s Kozume Kenma (should have paid for royalty). When asked whether Oikawa purposely aimed at Nishinoya, Coach Ukai agrees that Oikawa’s intention was to damage everyone’s morale if Nishinoya hadn’t been able to save that. Oikawa is such a plotting bastard, what else is new.


Apart from being a plotting bastard, Oikawa is also a smooth talker and somehow able to boost fellow teammate Kindaichi‘s morale. Not even that but Oikawa also gets to figure out some signals used by Hinata and Kageyama for the strikes. Uh. He calls for timeout and causes Kageyama to panic. Apparently Oikawa also has another trick up his sleeve (seriously how big is his sleeve he seems to have tons of tricks). After all the pressure, Kageyama’s cool is crumbling down. Uh (2).


Even Coach Ukai comments on how Oikawa’s command in game is amazing. Oikawa’s aiming for Tanaka so the atmosphere of the team would be even worse. Karasuno (by the way it’s the hero team’s name in case I forgot to mention earlier) uses two timeouts because Tanaka and Kageyama are too pressured. Tanaka apologizes and reflects to the team, gives me a Tanaka moment for a while, so he’s back on track now.


But so is Oikawa so it’s not really a winning situation for Karasuno. Though Coach Ukai also adds how Tanaka has ace quality (and somehow Nishinoya has the quality of a captain as well, I’m trying not to think about new lineup of Karasuno when third years graduate sobs I love third years… and it’s not manga-spoiler so none of you can throw bricks at me). Oikawa begins to reminiscence how Kageyama was called the King of The Court.


Karasuno’s attacks are accelerated, not in a good way because it seems like Kageyama is still under a pressure. Even Oikawa muses how Kageyama is a genius when it comes to optimize Hinata’s ability, but not other players. Oikawa is a better setter because he’s confident he could bring 100% out of all spikers. Kageyama, still panicking, is told to push the ball over the net but at the same time Oikawa also does the same.


And so Kageyama is forced to surrender before Oikawa, not quite literally because this is still a sports genre after all, no fighting or blood shed. Even Aoba Johsai‘s coach (I forgot to name both teams in the beginning I’m sorry but in case you don’t know, it’s the name of opponent team) agrees that Oikawa is not a genius compared to Kageyama. So, amidst all the doubt and endless pressure Kageyama’s experiencing, it’s bound to happen.


It’s Sugawara. Sugawara is going to play on the court! OMG Sugawara finally it only took you 20 episodes to be able to play at official match. I should be sorry for Kageyama but I’m just so excited and happy and aaahhhh to see Suga playing. It’s not like the end of the world for Kageyama but some sense needs to be knocked into his head and Sugawara is going to play you guys I’m so so excited.

Also, I didn’t post Free! Eternal Summer review last week because last weekend I went to Anime Festival Asia 2014 in Indonesia and it was such a blasty experience. I’ll be writing a couple of entries about it so please look forward to it because there’ll be some anime highlights. See you in next review!

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