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If you remember last week I was mourning over the degrading quality of Haikyuu!! graphics, this week I weep in joy because yay it’s back to its original quality! This week (and till the end of season 1 I assume) is the continuation of match Karasuno vs Aoba Johsai. Here’s Haikyuu!! 21, another good episode.

We’re picking up from last week where Kageyama was switching with Sugawara (also marks his first time ever playing on official match, after 21 episodes). Done because Kageyama needs to cool his head off after he was gradually losing his cool, having to fight against his senior in middle school Oikawa. Suga tells Kageyama to not get depressed over the switch because they need to change rhythm (Suga is an angel, I’m going to say this a lot). They can’t afford having the two star players Kageyama and Hinata to break down at the same time. Hinata then proceeds to remind Kageyama that he is the one who’s going to beat him, not Oikawa.


The second Suga enters the court, he begins smacking everyone (except Nishinoya, whom he’s high-fiving with HEY). He immediately radiates the positive energy and tells everyone it’ll be alright (that’s my baby). Hinata swoons at the scenery and compares with Kageyama, who’s apparently born with scary face. They resume the match and apparently since Suga had been watching the match from outside, he’s able to think calmly and analyze the match better. They manage to counter two Aoba Johsai’s attacks.


Despite the fixation to their morale, Aoba Johsai’s still superior to them, especially since there’s no Hinata and Kageyama duo. At 21 points, it’s Oikawa’s turn to serve. He manages to aim service ace for another 3 points, making it their set point against Karasuno’s 15 points. By mistake, Hinata’s counter attack is out and Aoba Johsai wins the first set. Boo. Suga proves to be more threatening to Aoba Johsai because not only he’s unknown to them but he also analyzes opponents very well when he’s off the court. Even though Suga admits that he feels like it’s a competition between him and Kageyama for the setter position, the points he gets on the court and the points that Kageyama gets on the court are all for Karasuno and they’ve got each other’s back.


They begin second set and whenever someone scores a point, Suga always compliments them, including Tsukishima lol who nods politely. When it’s Oikawa’s turn to serve again, Karasuno rotates their formation so it’s Nishinoya and Daichi who receive, as the two receive the best. Aoba Johsai’s definitely ahead in terms of experiences and skills but the fact that Karasuno’s able to match them, despite the struggling, proves their potential. As they score one against another, the two Karasuno setters are having their inner monologues, both with one wish: to stay on the court.


Suga himself also realizes that Kageyama will bring more points, so when Kageyama’s being called by the coach, in fear of being switched again, Suga think it’ll be his last point to play. Just after that Asahi tells him to toss to him and he’ll make it. After Daichi receives, Suga tosses and Asahi spikes to score. It’s the third years combi!


…But (sadly) it also marks the end of Suga’s play. Suga then tells Kageyama that Hinata’s face when he hits Suga’s toss was different when he hits Kageyama’s toss. Suga tells everyone that they’re all strong. When Coach Ukai tells Suga that he fought equal grounds with Aoba Johsai and next time he should fight more aggressively, Suga bows and thanks him. That’s because “next time” means a lot to him, that he’s getting trusted to play again. Awww. Suga understands that right now Hinata’s attacks will be the one to bring Aoba Johsai down and the only one who can optimize them is Kageyama alone.


Ahh I love this episode and I might sound as if I was overly happy about Suga playing and giving off impression I liked him better than Kageyama but that’s not true! Suga is a special snowflake because he’s very nice to everyone and always giving off positive vibes that’s why it’s so pleasant to see him on screen. I love everyone in Haikyuu!! okay. PS. Please watch the next week’s preview because these lines make my day:

Hinata: “Tsukishima! He’s (Oikawa) meaner than you are! Are you okay with that?”
Tsukishima: “I’m not exactly competing with anyone about that.”

See you in next review!

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