AFAID 2014 Day One

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Finally, it’s only 2 weeks later I got to write an entry about Anime Festival Asia (aka AFA). Real life (uhh I’m too old to use the word ‘crisis’) was the main cause of this overdue entry. But let’s bring the hype of AFAID 2014 Day One again, shall we!

AFAID 2014 is an anime festival (obviously) event, running for 3 days 15-17 August 2014 at JCC Senayan. For years, it’s been considered as the biggest anime festival, here let me list some stuff you can find at AFA because psychologically, people are more interested in reading numbered lists than paragraphs.

  1. Numerous booths/displays of official anime merchandises
  2. Fanartists booths
  3. Anime experience section
  4. Anime-turned-movies screening
  5. Butler and Maid cafe
  6. Anisong concert!! This is like almost as important as the entire event because this concert has famous anime singers from Japan performing
  7. Cosplays competition
  8. With Cosplay Stars from all over the world as judges!
  9. These Cosplay Stars are considered celebrities so there’s like Meet and Greet and Autograph sections
  10. Also, you can roam around the venue in cosplays and everyone would like to take pics with you
  11. Some information in form of flyers, I listed this because it’s useful. I mean how else would I have found out that there’ll be Lantis Festival in Singapore and Initial D screening in Indonesia in December?

I went to all three days because I was insane and even though I was a bit letdown because I wasn’t especially enthusiastic about all featured anime but hey this is yearly event so do it or regret it later right? I didn’t go to Anisong concert though because I wasn’t really knowledged of the performing artistes and their songs, except T.M Revolution.

Day One, I bought Exhibition+Stage access ticket (IDR 180.000,-) because I’d like to see K: Missing Kings movie screening (which turned out to be a bad decision because this series is currently ruining my life but let’s not talk about it here). I didn’t take a lot of pictures at day one, so please wait for day two and three reports for imageries.


I arrived at the venue so early because I wanted to visit Fanartists booths section and spent loads of money there. Never regret because I’m a huge fan of fanarts. It was pretty lax on day one because not too many people. We were able to circle around the section freely. After blowing sufficient amount of money, we went to have Yoshinoya as lunch. We originally wanted to try out Butler and Maid cafe but I deemed it too expensive for my taste, but I’m sure it’s so worth it! Just not my cup.

The screening started at 5PM so we ended up just roaming around the venue looking for interesting cosplays. Since day one wasn’t too packed to begin with, I assumed people would go all out on day two and three instead, hence not so many cosplays. But I met Persona‘s Teddie/Kuma!


Finally, we entered the stage for the screening. We arrived early and got to see 20 minutes of Detective Conan: movie. Oh so nostalgic, I used to read the manga all the time when I was in elementary school, that’s like 5 decades ago. Anyway, no pictures because no pictures allowed during any screenings okay. I’m gonna review a bit of K: Missing Kings in next paragraph so if you don’t want to be spoiled feel free to skip the next paragraph.

Okay, so. K: Missing Kings. Truthfully I hadn’t watched the anime before I watched the movie (I know right, blasphemy). But hey half of the movie itself was about the summary of anime. I enjoyed the graphics, the animation and colors were so pretty. Storyline-wise, it’s a bit confusing because I knew nothing but I could cope with that. Tons of fanservice (boys and girls), many pretty boys. A lot of guys watched too! In fact, we were surrounded by guys who seemed to be so into the movie and storyline. Ending had some twist that was presented nicely, triggered claps and oooooohhh from audience. Ending was so unsettling though, I was at the point of being pissed at first one hour spent on summarizing the anime but hey, season 2 is overdue right? All in all, I really enjoyed the movie. Originally I wanted to write short paragraph but I felt I didn’t speak much about it so if I could watch it once again (I would), I would write a separate movie review entry. End of short review.

Movie ended around 2 hours later and there’s a Cosplay Stars talk afterwards so we decided to stay. Click here to see more information about the guests! I only snapped pics of some guests because I went out for a while.


They introduced themselves and talked a bit about their cosplays. Yuegene talked about her Matsuoka Rin (from Free!) cosplay and when asked why she cosplayed this character, she answered not because he’s especially handsome but because she liked to see him cry lol.


After the short talks, they allowed audience to snap pictures of them. So I launched myself to front row.



The session only lasted for… less than an hour if I remembered correctly. Since we’d been here since early, we decided to call it a day and go home (still two days to go). On the way out of venue, we discovered this display of Kuroko’s Basketball figurines.



See you in next entry!

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