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Ahh Haikyuu!! 23, in less than two weeks my favorite series will be over (hopefully season 2 will only be due in a year and not like another circle of presidential). I hope you’re still enjoying it like I am.

It’s the final set against Aoba Johsai and Hinata gets reminded of their previous opponents they beat. All the more reason to win, right? After the duo Hinata and Kageyama change signals for their attack, Aoba Johsai discuss that it’s better to set their eyes mostly on Hinata, until the captain Oikawa reminds them that he’s still a decoy. Karasuno is having hard time because Aoba Johsai is more alerted than ever. Overall, they’re better than Karasuno in terms of most aspects (except the libero you go Nishinoya).


Aoba Johsai manages to counter whatever attacks Karasuno is giving with powerful counterattacks. However Karasuno is proving their worth by pacing themselves and even making Oikawa frustrated. Instead of being pressured, Hinata is piling his excitement up whenever he’s off the court. He’s grown up well, remember his very first match?


Next attack proves Oikawa’s fears as Hinata attacks with wide broad attack that leaves the entire Aoba Johsai stunned, even the cheer team and the coach and their moms. Oikawa isn’t letting Hinata to stay in the front for too long. The rallies between two teams are oxygen depriving, but Hinata is our hero so he can’t let everyone down. Amazing thing is, since Hinata’s the decoy he needs to run around the sides to deceive opponent team that Kageyama might toss to him. And yet, even though Kageyama knows that it’s the perfect time to use pipeline attack aka tossing to Asahi in the back he still wants to toss to Hinata, concluding how well Hinata’s being decoy is.


During break time, it’s hinted that Yamaguchi, the first year reserve player, feels jealous of team’s regulars. Hey boy careful what you wish for. Anyway back to our main team, Hinata’s godlike broad attack only worked once because the next time he uses it again, Aoba Johsai already figures out how to counter it. Uh. Next one (another one after Oikawa’s failing serve lol) is another hyperventilating rally. Seriously guys spare me. Unfortunately.


Aoba Johsai steals the game’s rhythm and Karasuno has to call for timeout. Somehow Coach Ukai needs to come up with something that could change the rhythm. Something. Someone. And that someone is.


No seriously I’m so nervous guys GUYS it’s like seeing your kid going to their first piano recital or English speech. Anyway, Coach Ukai wants any luck he could get so even though Yamaguchi looks like he’d rather be in anywhere else, we’re still seeing his monologue about being a reserve player all this time and finally going on the court. Yamaguchi sees a dramatical sight of both his teammates and Aoba Johsai looking at him like a prey lol. In reality, Karasuno is actually very nervous for him (these cuties). Meanwhile Kageyama has his own problem. Smelling the nervous air, Sugawara and the rest of reserve players try to cheer him up.


If you’re nervous like me feel free to skip the entire scene altogether but if you’re not–just watch yourself okay don’t make me write this. The fact that it’s his first serve ever in high school, at crucial moment plus all the pressure, it’ll be miracle if he could get that in. It’s a jump floater service he’d been practicing in the past with the worrying glasses-wearing alumnus.


He missed it but when Yamaguchi slouched walking back to the bench, Daichi ensures him to make it next time. Just like how words “next time” boosted Suga’s confidence, Yamaguchi also gets fired up at the prospect of being trusted. And that glasses-wearing alumnus notes how by feeling regret and helplessness, it’ll certainly make Yamaguchi stronger. However messy the serve was, it still worked to change the rhythm of the game and Karasuno’s getting their spirit back up.


They keep catching up one point after another, not giving up a bit. When Hinata saves a ball, falling free on his face, whilst the others are awed by his determination, Tsukishima is like “Looks painful” (forever the adorable jerk he is). During Aoba Johsai’s match point, when everyone’s already exhausted, Nishinoya yells to boost the spirit. When everyone thinks Oikawa will get the ball, Kageyama jumps and tosses one handedly to Hinata, scoring a point.


The torture is not over yet. Well at least it’s postponed to next week? I’m repeating myself but Haikyuu!! is so good and enjoyable I’m really going to sob when season 1 is over. See you in next entry!

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