AFAID 2014 Day Two

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AFAID 2014 Day Two report! Only a month late, guys. I hope by the time I finish Day Three, AFAID 2015 wouldn’t have started. In this post, I’ll mostly talk about cosplays and if you’re not really into cosplays, please to still read because uhh why not?

You may want to read my Day One report if you’re clueless about what is AFAID, I briefly explained about it in case you’re too lazy to google, please to still read my explanation entry, don’t be a tl;dr person okay.

Day Two, I bought Exhibition ticket (IDR 85.000,-) because I wasn’t interested in stage activities as there’s no particular screening or panels that I’d like to see. I gotta be honest, while Day One was so laxing and I could move around freely, Day Two was horribly packed like small sardines in an ant-sized box. I suspect because it’s on Saturday, hence more people came and I got to see a lot of cosplays so it’s alright in the end.


We arrived later than our plan and it was difficult to find a parking space (let me introduce you to Jakarta). My friend also warned me it’s difficult to buy tickets because the queue was crazy. In the end we got our ticket right away (lol) but even the queue to get in the venue was also crazy, even though turned out it’s queue for stage wristband and we only had exhibition ticket. Such a drama before the event started lol. We got in the venue not long after but holy crow, it was so so packed. We rushed to AFA Shop (a shop that sold official AFA and guest cosplayer merchandises) where our meeting point was at. And guess what, when we arrived, we saw all the guest cosplayers walking around like a parade.

Unconsciously, my friends and I decided to follow their “parade” to snap some pictures of them. Called some of their names and got them to pose for my camera. I had the stability of a wobbly, drunk person so most pictures are blurry. Here’s some decent ones.



I ended up asking for a high-five from Yuegene and she (shyly) obliged. It’s do it now or regret later okay. They cosplay parade actually walked around the whole venue on both levels. It was so fun and I concluded it was a good start for Day Two. We decided to shop more at Creators Hub and I intended to buy a Haikyuu!! totebag but it was sold out :( moral lesson: when you see stuff you like at AFA, buy it now and never wait later because Day Two can be brutal. Saw Yowamushi Pedal cosplays and I asked to take picture together, bringing a fan my friend gave me from Japan and the cosplay people were more excited than I was when they saw my fan lol.



When we returned to AFA Shop, there were Hana & Baozi, direct selling at the store. Apparently if you buy at some times the cosplayer guests at the store, they’d attend to you.


After that we went to official Anime booth and my friends bought some K merchandises. I couldn’t recall how many times we went back and forth inside the venue but the place felt like home already. My friends also purchased a pass for Yuegene’s autograph session and because I didn’t, I volunteered to take pictures only. Before Yuegene’s session, Ying Tze was on the stage, holding meet n greet session and answered some questions. She’s so tall, gorgeous and her existence was breathtaking lol I felt like a pea in comparison.




After Yuegene’s session ended, we decided to go home but the crowd just started to pile up because Anisong. On the way home, we found Haikyuu!! cosplay!



And that’s all~ Day Two was super memorable, just like Day One was (because K: Missing Kings screening coughs). Before going home we purchased a pass for Yuegene’s meet n greet on Day Three (I also bought, just because) and tickets for Day Three as well. Please look forward to Day Three entry because it was also equally memorable. See you in next entry!

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