Final Fantasy XV at TGS 2014


Despite not attending and only being attendee in front of my laptop, I felt excited throughout Tokyo Game Show 2014 because my most favorite series of all time aka Final Fantasy was making a comeback. Thoughts about newest Final Fantasy XV updates at TGS 2014!

To the internet, the news about Final Fantasy XV wasn’t that surprising because a night before TGS, some news were uh leaked that the game’s demo would be included in the upcoming spinoff of the series on PS4, Final Fantasy Type-0. However, for 8 years only physical news about FFXV could be regarded as actual news because the game has been a long time myth. Then suddenly, around 10AM JST 18 Sep 2014, when I was scrolling on my timeline peacefully, this trailer popped up.

The trailer is mindblowing. If you have only watched it now or have watched it for 300 times like me but didn’t realize it, the whole thing except the part where there was airships closing in, is in-game graphic. As in, this is the quality of what you will play in game. I know right, but then Square Enix has always been few levels ahead in term of graphics. Some parts of me, weren’t entirely satisfied or bonded to the trailers as much as previous Square Enix trailers. I remember watching the first Advent Children trailer every night before going to bed (I’m not obsessed, what are you talking about). I assume because it’s not really focusing on storyline and entirely disclosing the gameplay and in-game quality. But still, that prelude in the end awakened the classic Final Fantasy nostalgia feels in me.

Anyway back to the trailer, we’re shown the larger than planet what’s probably to be Adamantoise. When it’s been clear that this game is about the brotherhood trip of Noctis, Ignis, Gladiolus and Prompto, I must say that’s a fancy car they’ve got there but definitely too fancy to store camping utilities. But hey it’s Final Fantasy, where you can carry around hundred types of items, each is maxed out to 99 quantities, without any problem. They also altered Prompto’s hair, which I actually dislike because I liked his previous hair better but I can’t have anything sobs.


The fancy car also seems to have unlimited gas but let’s not talk about every single normal occurence. Since trailer is for gameplay showoff purpose, you can see lots of battles going on. Ranging from fighting normal soldiers, to Garula and Goblin. At least Ignis points out they need baths. You can also see some interesting occurences such as Ignis helping Noctis when his health is low or Noctis and Prompto do some co-op movements.


And what shakes the internet is how there’s a dialogue that says “It seems Luna is in Altissia“, ranging from the theory how some places got names alteration to the most important one “Who is Luna?“Is she the new ‘Stella’?” because then the trailer shows the blonde girl who’s been named ‘Stella’. I’m not gonna add my own opinion since it’s going to be another story but looks like only Square Enix has the answer.


Trailer ends with the ironic, as the subtitle says “It’s been long time coming. Almost there.” almost like ensuring fans who’ve been waiting for 8 years. Though if it’s to be translated literally from the Japanese, it could also mean “Sorry to make you wait“, which aside from being a subtle message for players, could also mean Noctis saying it to someone in the game.

You can watch Final Fantasy Type-0 trailer and in the end it says it’ll include voucher code to download FFXV demo of “Episode Duscae“, which is the name of an area.

So whilst I’m still enjoying some games on PS3 and haven’t seen the necessity to buy PS4 yet, I’m pretty convinced to purchase it to play Type-0 and the demo of FFXV. But since I’ve been clouded by doubt when it comes to FFXV, I’ll wait until Square Enix actually releases the demo because who knows by the time Type-0 releases and they distribute the voucher codes, but demo is only available like *knockwood* 12 months later.

Anyway I’m not done yet. Precisely Square Enix isn’t done yet because on Saturday, Hajime Tabata, the newly appointed director for FFXV, held a panel to showcase gameplay of Type-0, Final Fantasy Agito and FFXV! Whoo-hoh. You can watch the full panel here.

I’m only gonna highlight FFXV. Tabata first presented how weather and time change could be seen in the environment. Incredible, look at the wet clothes and street. Then he showed Noctis’ ability to wrap. I personally like the slow-motion effects when characters perform some actions, but hopefully that wouldn’t be a big bother when I actually play the game. But so far I’m liking what I see and even though I actually suck at action RPG, because I prefer the ol’ times turn based, nothing’s turning me off from this game yet.

See you in next entry!

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