AFAID 2014 Day Three

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Wow AFAID 2014 Day Three report is finally up. Last day of AFAID 2014! There’s a lot of pictures under the cut (24 photos) I hope none of you are on bandwith quota.

As a way to console my pathetic timing, I’m reasoning that gradual posts are nice to refresh your memory. Right? As I was editing these photos I went down on memory lane and wanted to go back because those three days were fun. Props to AFAID tireless staff for making it such an enjoyable event!


I purchased Exhibition+Stage ticket (180.000 IDR) because we wanted to see cosplays feature right in the morning. So we arrived before gate open because we learned a day before that queue to entrance for E+S could be nasty. Even though we arrived like 30 minutes before gate open, there were already people lining up. We were let in earlier if I remember correctly and immediately rushed to E+S entrance because it’s located in another hall and yes there’s another queue. What I like from this event is, everything’s basically on time, which is actually a rare occurrence and habit in this country coughs.



So 100 queues and 10 gates later, we were let in the Stage hall and took seats second row from the stage. In Day Two entry you’d be able to read our fascination for the cosplay guests so we’re basically in the Stage hall for them again.


I only got to few pictures and remembered the highlight of Yuegene Fay‘s introduction and talk. She explained that she chose the picture to be shown because that picture didn’t use retouching or Photoshop, and that the photographer was very strict so they could have good pictures without digital imaging. She also admitted that she once cosplayed Keroro when asked whether she only cosplayed cool looking characters lol.



The 30 min segment was done (one we queued longer and spent 100k IDR more) and when we rushed out through another exit we sorted of uh… bump into the cosplay guests again. We didnt’ know okay! So yeah they passed through us and we smiled and waved at them. It almost felt like we were being followed by them (not). Coughs. Okay so since it’s the last day we were intending to chill out and just walking around to see stuff we might have missed 2 days before. I thought it wouldn’t be possible since we practically lived there for 2 days earlier but I actually still spulrged some cash at Creator’s Hub. Also some pictures of the crowd! It’s actually better than Saturday’s crowd, thank God.





We had our Meet n Greet session with Yuegene Fay so we arrived 30 minutes earlier to start queuing. Here’s the fun part: I was queuing with a friend and naturally we were talking about other fun stuff like other cosplayers, right? Surprisingly, in the middle of our chat, other girls in the queue butt in our conversation and we just started chatting lmao. So we spent last minutes talking excitedly and loudly, and made friends. Anyway the photo session started and let’s not talk about my session. I just went on stage, gave Yuegene a gift and with the squealing backsound from the audience got a picture snapped together with her. Only spoke “thank you” and then went off stage. I had nothing more to say okay, unlike with Reika but that’s also because I wanted to practice my Japanese with the native but anyway.

After I went off the stage, we were waiting because we’re still high from the 10 seconds of session and the girls we were chatting with before continued talking to us lol. In the end we took pictures together, exchanged LINE Chat IDs and so on. And tell you what, we’re still talking with them regularly and we even went to see movies together. It’s amazing how coincidentally some friendships could be formed. Since I didn’t intend to cover their faces, might as well be fair and show my face once.



I continued taking pictures of other exhibitions since I didn’t get to earlier.







Also, if my experience with the girls at Yuegene’s MnG queue was funny, this one’s also hilarious as well. On Saturday, I took a picture with Kuroo from Haikyuu!! cosplayer. On Sunday I saw a cool Izaya from Durarara!! cosplayer and guess what, it’s the same person lol. So I asked her if she came on Saturday, found out she’s Malay so I asked her again in English. Took pictures together and days later when I strolled around Instagram, I found her and just started talking to her and thanking her for the photos. She’s such a sweet person. Give her a lot of love (likes) here!


And saw this!! And legit became excited because Lantis Festival had some of my favorite performers and apparently they’re coming to Singapore on 28th March! More info here.


When we’re about to go home and say goodbye to the whole AFAID experience, when we made detour to AFA Shop, they were doing last minute sale with King servicing buyers lol. They also offered selca chance for any purchase! So my friend just went ahead and bought her photobook lol.


And surprisingly Yuegene also did but since no selca (because her queue was long) I didn’t join in, but my friend did.


Aaaaaaaand that’s all. We actually left the venue and it made me feel a bit emotional because the 3 days had been great lol. It’s really memorable because I spent my entire 3 days there okay. Overall, it’s very satisfying. Everything was on time and very organized. I wish I had better camera with me to capture all the great moments.


Thank you AFAID 2014! Hope to experience the equally amazing experience at AFAID 2015!

When I got home I spread out the splurge I did in 3 days and even though it looks a lot, it’s not stellar expensive and really worth it. The suwarasetai Murasakibara from Kuroko’s Basketball was purchased at Singaporean booth seller and since I was a friendly customer I ended up chatting with the seller lol.


See you in next entry!

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