Shirokuma Cafe at Pantai Indah Kapuk


I actually wanted to avoid writing about foods because there’s 2398734 amazing food blogs out there. But I ought to share this experience because it has something to do with my interests, this time it’s Shirokuma Cafe at Pantai Indah Kapuk!

Once upon a time, I had this urging want for parfait. But somehow it was difficult to look for parfaits in any dessert stores (or I didn’t look diligently enough?) and it didn’t help that I was watching Shirokuma Cafe a lot, which was by the way a very hilarious anime and everyone should watch. So when my friend informed me there’s a Japanese dessert shop with the same name, I was esctatic to try! The anime is about a cafe run by a polar bear (shirokuma in Japanese) with frequent visitors like a panda and penguin.

shirokuma-cafe lol

How to Get There

If you don’t live in Northern Jakarta, this place seems like it’s another place in the world, I feel that. When we were figuring out how to get there, I joked that maybe when we’re out of the toll way, we’d probably end up under the sea because just a little bit up north is Jakarta bay. There’s a few alternatives through the toll ways but if you follow the directions on Googe Maps, you’ll definitely find it because we were only armed by Google Maps!


The place was narrow and the sign wasn’t as distinctive as other places so I suggest you use Hanok Korean Restaurant if you drive since it’s clear from afar so you won’t have to take instant detour (we did because we didn’t pay attention).

When You Get There

It’s open from 11AM but since my friend said usually there’s a queue since beginning, we arrived at 10.30AM and she was incorrect because there’s only one customer ahead of us and that’s after we had breakfast in another restaurant. But we got lucky to be able to take pictures of the place when it’s still empty.










They have second floor but unfortunately it wasn’t ready when I wanted to look around and by the time passed I forgot (worst). Interior wise, it’s pretty and colorful though a bit cramped because the place was so tiny. I do wish there was more space but we occupied the table for hours so I shouldn’t complain at all.



I immediately wanted everything when we were served the menu, but remembering my low tolerance of sweets, I ordered one menu first. The serving was quick. I ordered Matcha Cake Parfait and my friend ordered Shiratama Parfait – according to menu, it’s Soft Cream layered with cornflakes, mochi, shiratama balls, red bean paste and matcha jelly.


Matcha Cake ParfaitSoft Cream layered with matcha cake, cornflakes, mochi, shiratama balls, red bean paste and matcha jelly (IDR 37k)




It’s good! The wooden utensil was so cute and the matcha tasted great. However, the cake wasn’t soft and a bit difficult to slice with the wooden spoon (or they expected me to swallow the whole thing, I don’t know) so I ended up putting the cake on the wooden plate and slice on there. Even then I felt like it didn’t go well with the ice cream so I ended up not finishing the cake. But the rest tasted heavenly!

By the time I finished it, though, I concluded I was bad at dessert. I was already full and my mouth felt too sugary so I ordered Coke (IDR 15k) to neutralize it. I was going to order Fruit Anmitsu (traditional dessert bowl with fruits, mochi, shiratama balls, chunky red bean, matcha jelly served with a side of brown sugar syrup) but got too full :\

Another friend ordered Kuro Japadog because we were curious with the black bun (kuro in Japanese means black.

Kuro JapadogBlack hot dog with teriyaki sauce, Japanese mayonnaise and nori (IDR 43k)


It’s also good. The black bun didn’t taste too differently but all in all, common enough to be stomached by us lol.

Food - 3.5/5
Since we only tasted 3 of the menu (coke didn’t count, hey, it tasted same everywhere) and blame our low tolerance of sugar, we’re not a sufficient judges. Apart from the hard matcha cake, I loved my parfait and the hotdog tasted okay too.

Service – 4/5

Interior – 3.5/5
I know it being so tiny could also show off as being cute, but it’s a bit uncomfortable to move around. The overall decorations were nice though.

Price – 3.5/5
The common stuff like Coke or mineral water weren’t unreasonably priced but I found some of the stuff was too expensive, like the fries or matcha floats or even the hotdog itself. All in all, it still would do as a place to relax during weekends.

Visit their official website!

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