Hello, my name is Sannia Tasha

I like a lot of things including web design, digital art, video games and anime. I can’t keep my mouth shut about them, that’s why I blog.


Okay, let’s get detailed. I am 22 years old, residing in Bogor, a small city in Indonesia with frequency of raining as often as Jakarta’s traffic. I make Web Design as a living and I started freelancing from June 2014. Aside from my passion for Web Design, I have burning interest for a couple of things.

japan! and anime

I have been highly fascinated by Japan ever since forever. I always think the country has beautiful and unique cultures. My interest for Japan is ranging from the history, cultures, places, way of life, language, technology and entertainment.

As of now, I have huge liking for Anime (Wiki). I mainly have interest in sports anime and I usually read the Manga (Wiki) too but on this blog I’ll probably only review about the Anime. I really love following seiyuu / voice actors and actresses so you’ll probably see a lot of references.

digital art

As for digital art, I feel drawing as a way to allocate my energy and inspiration. I started making drawing a regular thing since 2014 even though I’ve been drawing on my notes my whole life. I don’t consider myself an artist, I’m just an art enthusiast who occasionally drools over actual artists and likes the concept of digital art enough to venture self into it.

video games

Video games have been a necessary staple in my life since I was 5. I learned a lot more from video games than other people thought they’re capable of. Other people might find their greatest experiences in books and movies, I find mine in video games. I don’t play every single video game but when I do, I talk about it a lot. I mainly love JRPG (Wiki) and I consider Final Fantasy an important part of my life.

this blog though?

So throw all those hobbies/interest/burning passion with handful of basic knowledge of writing and web design, this blog was born.

Wow congratulations if you actually read everything. Took me a while to write, too. I am as friendly as a neighbor who just moved in next to you, so feel free to talk to me!


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